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Transition Year

Transition Year


St. Finian’s Community College is one of the oldest secondary schools in Swords. We re-introduced the Transition Year Programme to the school in 2016. Since then the programme has grown and currently has three classes participating in the programme.

As a community school it is intended that the school body reflect the local community and the Transition Year Programme reflects this. We currently have over 20 teachers involved in the Transition Year Programme, incorporating the Transition Year coordinator, tutors and teachers. The role of the class tutor is seen as pivotal for the communication between students and teachers.

Overall Aims

In Transition Year we aim to promote maturity in our students, assisting each and every student to develop as an individual, to become an independent and self-directed learner. We also aim to help prepare for adult life through contact with workplaces and career interest. In addition, we aim to develop a civic awareness in our Transition Year students through serving the local community on a voluntary basis, through fund-raising and a variety of social awareness projects. Transition Year is a unique one-year programme that encourages development in a wide range of skills.

Both parents and students first come into contact with the Transition Year Programme during the information meetings held in March. These meetings relay information via the TY Tutors, teachers and the Principal. Selection for the Transition Year Programme is based on an application form and an interview process.

In September there is an Induction Day for students, where the underlying aims of the programme are presented to them. Students will receive their TY calendar, timetable for the various subject areas, the Outdoor Education Trip, Work Experience, Community Work, Fund Raising, workshops etc. Parents will be informed via email/letter.

Programme Structure

The Transition Year structure is very different and more flexible than the Junior and Leaving Certificate courses. The purpose of this structure is to provide the most suitable subject matter for each student as well as developing their personal, educational, social and vocational skills. The following gives a brief summary of the subjects and modules for T.Y.

Core Subjects

  • English

  • Irish

  • Maths

  • European Languages

  • PE

  • I.T

  • Development Education

  • Work Experience

  • Vocational Preparation & Guidance

Subject Sampling

  • Geography
  • History
  • World of Work
  • Enterprise
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Home Economics
  • Art & Design

TY Specific Modules

  • Safety
  • Multimedia
  • Junk Kouture
  • DCG/Construction

  • Technology

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Arts Drama

  • Future Leaders GAA programme

  • Coding

  • Chinese

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