We welcome the active involvement of all our parents in the life of the school and we have a dedicated Parents’ Council who meet on a regular basis. The HSCL teacher regularly attenda Parents’ Council meetings to keep us informed of developments and to answer any questions we may have. We hold meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. We have had great help and support from the Principal, Deputy Principal and all the Teachers and Staff of St Finian’s. We are made to feel that we have a very important role to play in all aspects of the day-to- day running of St Finian’s Community College.


    We have 2 parents on the Board of Management who liaise with the Parents’ Council. This also provides a link for all parents to The Board of Management.


    Each year the College holds an open evening for incoming students & their parents to meet teachers and familiarise themselves with the College. This also provides an opportunity for them to learn what the Parents’ Council do.


    The Parents’ Council holds a Mock Interview Night for sixth year students each year. We have a group of Interviewers made up of local business people, parents, past pupils and teaching staff. All Interviewers are briefed in advance and provided with evaluation forms that we have formatted over the years. Participants are only too happy to help and have offered their support year after year. Many students have found it helpful to have their CV’s examined by professionals and to receive constructive criticism in preparation for college and job interviews.


    Several parents have been helping the College to organise collecting and distributing books in the Book Rental Scheme. This helps reduce costs for parents.


    We helped to draft and fine tune the Code of Behaviour for the students .We had a lot of debate on all aspects of this very crucial college document, it sets boundaries for all students so that they can have a happy and enjoyable experience of college life. Our opinion was sought on the introduction of a new school jacket and we were also consulted when the enrolment policy was being reviewed and redrafted.


    Every year we do some fund raising. All money raised goes towards the school events and programmes.


    A Committee is set up each year by the Parents’ Council to provide a link between students and the hotel. There is a class
    representative elected each year and they are our link with the students. The hotels are happier to deal with the Parents Council as liaison than with students. On the night of the Debs we have 3-4 parents from the Parents’ Council present. Although this is a voluntary activity, parents of the Debs students feel reassured that there is adult supervision for at least some of the evening

  • Home-School Liaison

    St. Finian’s Community College has a full-time Home-School Liaison Coordinator, Ms. Eileen Foley, who works with many students and parents in our school community. The role of the Home School Liaison Coordinator is:
    ◾To promote cooperation between home, school and the local community.
    ◾To maximise the participation of young people in the learning process, particularly those who might be at risk of failure.
    ◾To empower parents to play an active role in their child’s education.
    ◾To address absenteeism and break down negative attitudes towards school and schooling.
    ◾To support marginalised parents.
    ◾To retain young people in the education system and encourage their progress through compulsory education and on to further training or third level.

    Home visitations are a key part of the School Liaison Coordinator’s role. The home visit is an integral part of the process as it enables the Liaison Coordinator to link up with students and families who need extra support.

    Ms. Foley also liaises with the National Education Welfare Board, Youthreach, Fingal Adult Education, Swords Health Centre and Social Services and the Care Team in St. Finian’s Community College which includes the Principal, Guidance Counsellors and the School Completion Coordinator.

  • Application Forms

    Please click on the links below to download the application forms for the 2016 – 2017 academic year:

    1st Year 2016 – 2017 (Word)
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    2nd Year – 6th Year 2016 – 2017 (Word)
    2nd Year – 6th Year 2016 – 2017 (PDF)

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    St. Finian’s Community College is located at Castlefarm, Swords, Fingal, Co. Dublin.

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