Our 6th year art class and went to the Highlanes Gallery in Drogheda on the 4th of March with Miss Boyle. The exhibition that was on was called “My Minds I” by Janet Mullarney. The title refers to both the idiom “my mind’s eye” and also the human ability to experience visual mental imagery. This is why the exhibition was kind of split into two parts.

There was an array of sculptures and paintings on display. One part of the exhibition was displayed on lightboxes, while at the other end of the gallery there were art pieces displayed on walls and the alter. This alter was part of an old Franciscan church in the town, which was renovated to become the Highlanes Gallery. Most of the sculptures were of figures. The sculptures on the lightbox were what she sees in her mind and the more realistic figures on the alter were what the eye sees. The shadows of these figures were projected from spotlights hitting the objects and creating a shadow scene on the plain canvas behind.

We enjoyed the day sketching some of our favourite pieces, being talked through the objects by our tour guide and drawing a general plan of the gallery. The atmosphere was calming and peaceful from the sound effects of crickets which were purposely put there. The spotlights really highlighted the pieces.

Prior to this we got to view some of the permanent pieces of the gallery upstairs. We’d highly recommend visiting this gallery if you are interested in art or want to learn more about the local history of Drogheda. This gallery visit really helped for our Leaving Cert exam which contains long questions about art appreciation and a gallery visit.

By Ciara Moran, Chloe Fulham and Ashling Carey.

6th Year